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The Studio

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You will find our quaint little studio to be one of Alabama's greatest hidden gems.  Brides have been known to drive for miles to encounter the individualized experience that we have to offer. 

At Lula Blue, you will experience a no-pressure atmosphere when shopping for your wedding gown. You may choose any gown from our handmade collection, or have us design something specifically for you! During your consultation you will be able to see exactly where your gown will be cut and sewn! 

Lula Blue is led by the vision of Andrea Ingram. An extremely intuitive designer with more than eight years of dressmaking experience. Andrea has mastered the art of seamlessly combining whimsy with classic design, nostalgia with timeless style, and simplicity with striking details.

Each gown you will find at Lula Blue was purposefully designed and created by Andrea and her team. We begin by carefully selecting each and every fabric, which range from tulle to European lace to fine silk. Then, Andrea lets her hands and imagination go to work! Combining unlikely lace, colors, and textures to create truly original designs. Each dress pattern is made by us and for us EXCLUSIVELY to bring you detailed designs you won't find anywhere else! 

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the Experience


          When working with brides, I want to completely devote my attention to you. Because of this, I ask that you schedule an appointment. 

Prior to our first meeting, I would like to see the inspiration for your wedding. This helps me to get a good feel for your personal style. This inspiration can be anything from a heavily curated pinterest board, to a single pair of shoes! Anything that can help me learn your personality and how you are wanting to express yourself on your wedding day! 

            During our first appointment we will discuss your style, budget, and design preferences. I like to really dig into your personality during our first moments together and I may ask random questions about your likes/dislikes that seem irrelevant, but they really do help me understand you better. We will look through our sample gowns where you may try on anything you like. We will see what styles flatter you and that you feel comfortable in.

Once you find a style you feel comfortable in, the real magic happens! I begin to play with different fabrics, adding lace here and there, pinning, clamping and designing something original before your very eyes! The process is quite fascinating and magical as we design your gown! 

Once a final design is chosen, I take precise measurements, finalize fabric choices and colors, and work with you on a contract. A 1/2, non-refundable deposit is required to begin construction on the gown. Custom curated gowns do require multiple fittings. Typically, we see brides needing anywhere from 3-5 fittings until completion. For brides traveling from out of town, we offer multiple fittings in one day if possible. If you would like become a Lula Blue Bride, but live far away, we do offer specialized appointments and fittings via Skype.

I look forward to meeting you and starting this journey!  

                                                                                                                 Truly Yours,





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The Reveal

Here at Lula Blue, we go out of our way to make sure you have the best experience possible. Once your gown is complete, you have the opportunity to invite your closest friends and family for a special dress reveal.

Most brides choose to have this special moment with their Mom, Grandmother, Best Friends. This is a special moment often filled with love, laughter, and a few happy tears. Only at Lula Blue, do you have the option to include a dress reveal where we invite a professional photographer to attend and capture this special moment, as well as give you a mini bridal portrait session! Please ask us about including the dress reveal in your Lula Blue Experience.

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Images Courtesy of Stormin Photoz Portraits

Images Courtesy of Stormin Photoz Portraits


To book a visit to our showroom, contact

Call us at

(256) 415-5609


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